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Yoga Poses for Fertility

yoga for fertilityHello mama-hopefuls!  I’m so excited to introduce my Abundant Mama Program.  This is the pre-pregnancy wellness coaching program.  Many of you asked how to work with me before getting pregnant, so this is the answer! Click here if you want to schedule a private Yoga for Fertility Session with me!

But here’s a sneak peak (if you want to get started at home). Four ideal yoga poses for nourishing fertility (and why they’re so good!)

1.  Pigeon Pose. 

Eka pada raja kapotasana.  This pose is a deep hip opener.  My favorite way to do this pose is with a blanket or bolster underneath both hips.  This helps to keep the hips even.  Make sure your knee, ankle and hip are all in alignment.  It’s also nice to rest your forehead on a block or blanket.

Hip openers like pigeon pose access a great deal of emotion and disappointment.  Women carry a lot of body memory in this part of the body.  Be aware of any feelings that might come up for you as you open the hips and lower back.   yoga pose for fertility pigeon pose


2. Wide Leg Forward Fold.

Prasarita Padottanasana.  Choosing to do this pose with support under the head allows you to relax, and not grip the uterus or hip muscles as you open up.  It’s also a forward fold which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and helps to calm a racing mind. Be aware of not locking the knees, and bringing the weight slightly forward.

This pose helps to tone the kidneys, uterus and liver- all key to a healthy endocrine system!yoga pose for fertility wide leg forward fold


3.  Reclined Bound Angle Pose.

Supta Bada Konasana.  This pose is one of my all time favorites for anyone.  It helps to open the front of the body (the womb, the pelvis) and relieve cramps and heavy bleeding.  If you have really tight hips and your knees are elevated in this pose, slide some support under each knee.  The head should be supported as well.

This pose helps to nourish all the chakras, to aid in the flow of energy along that invisible channel between the heart and womb, open the hips, help open the chest and relieve feelings of anxiety and sadness. yoga pose for fertility reclined bound angle

4.  Legs up the Wall.

Vaparita Karani.  I love, love, love.  This pose and all its variations.  It reverses circulation and lymph flow, reducing swelling and aiding blood circulation in the whole body.  It sends fresh blood flow and energy to the pelvis, aiding the place that needs it the most for mama-hopefuls.

If this pose feels uncomfortable flat on your back, make sure to elevate your hips. Stay here for a long time and enjoy your sow belly breathing.

yoga poses for fertility legs up the wall


Get busy mama-hopefuls!


Are you a local? Click here to schedule a private session. 

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