Women’s Health Yoga

When a yoga practice is designed specifically with a woman’s unique life season, cycle, and emotional life in mind, the results are nothing short of magical.  Yoga can offer you an array of benefits from subtle to deeply moving.

This class offers yoga to promote healthy menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, and ease with menopause. Women are designed for connection: a yoga class gives women the freedom to express themselves, to share and to listen, to receive and to give. Through this practice, we become better able to support our lives outside the yoga room.

Yoga for Women’s Health is designed to provide a comfortable, sacred space to dress and practice however feels best to you with your specific cycle and life season in mind. Pregnant women, women menstruating, older women, women with hormonal fluctuations, young women and women in eating disorder or trauma recovery may find a unique environment in which to safely practice.
It is open to ALL WOMEN regardless of their yoga experience level, physical size, age, culture, ethnicity or sexual preference.

You may find a Woman’s Yoga Private Session or Class Delicious if you are experiencing:

  • Fertility Challenges
  • Desire to connect with other women
  • Irregular or painful periods
  • Pregnancy discomforts
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Menopausal Symptoms
  • Hormonal Fluctations
  • High stress response
  • Adrenal fatigue or thyroid issues
  • Bone loss or joint pain.
  • Difficulty recovering from childbirth.