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Mama Wellness Wednesday – Holistic Fertility Tips

holistic fertility tips

Did you know some studies have found a relationship between the type of dairy you eat and challenges with fertility?  There is a correlation between eating low fat dairy and and ovulation infertility. What’s most interesting is that high fat dairy seems to protect against ovulation infertility.

The process of removing fat from dairy also removes estrogen and progesterone (bound to the fat) which leaves high concentrations of androgens, insulin- like growth factor and male hormones causing an imbalance.

In addition choose the source of your milk carefully. There is a major difference between the gallon of milk from a factory farm where it could be from hundreds of cows, fed genetically modified feed (known to cause reproductive problems in humans) and fresh milk from a local, grass-fed cow.  Talk to your farmers and find out their practices!

Worried about getting fat?  We need to dismiss the idea of eating fat = being fat (a successful marketing strategy from the past few decades) and think less about being fat and more about being well.  My own life is proof that the happier I am the better choices I make for my body and my weight stays in a healthy place, and the better choices I make about food the happier I feel.  It’s a cycle not a linear path.

Consider two recent studies that conclude the consumption of whole-fat dairy is associated with reduced body fat. In a study published last year in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, middle-aged men who consumed high-fat milk, butter, and cream were significantly less likely to become obese over a period of 12 years compared with men who never or rarely ate high-fat dairy.

The more whole food you eat, the less stress on your endocrine system and the better your chances of conceiving!

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