Mama Wellness Tip to make your house more joyful

Add this one thing to your shopping list for joy on your mama journey no matter where you are. It’s especially useful to enhance the romance of life. Make sure to choose roses or dried rose petals that are free of pesticides. Especially if you will be adding to your tea. What makes this even better, a girls night shared with a fellow mama soaking in the joy and sharing some tea time together.

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Mama Wellness Tip – Herbs for PMS

herbs for pmsCramp bark is one of my favorite female herbs (read: herbs for pms!)  It’s a uterine antispasmodic, which means it relaxes the uterus. Best taken as a tincture or tea, it can be useful for painful periods, cramping or threatened miscarriage.  It combines really well with valerian root (also relaxing and antispasmodic), vitex (for hormone regulation), and wild yam (helps the liver process estrogen).  It can be taken while pregnant (for threatened miscarriage) and I know of no known contraindications like breastfeeding, but check with a knowledgeable care provider if you’re taking medications or have special conditions.  Can be taken multiple times a day during heavy cramping.  I have a “Mama Maurer’s Moon Tincture” with motherwort (for mood), vitex (for regulation), cramp bark (for cramping), raspberry leaf (for uterine toning) and valerian root (for relaxation).

Keep Your Yoni Happy!

I am slowly working my way through Herbal Healing for Women.  This great book I found from a second hand book shop on 2nd street in Philly. Written by Rosemary Gladstar in 1993, this book is full of great information for women.  I feel healthy just reading it.  (Do you think I can absorb her good vibes through the ink and paper??) I use it as a reference and then read through a chapter and then go back.  I’m an underliner and notetaker, so it’s getting marked up, which is how a well loved book should be in my opinion. 

She follows the Wise Woman Tradition.   Although a little new-agey for me, this philosophy does really support women’s intuition and wisdom and that is something I am huge fan of, obviously.  

There’s a great recipe I came across today called “Yoni Powder“.  I make a great Yoni Bath and Yoni Oil, but this is something new!  It’s used as a medicinal talc to treat yeast infections.  I also learned that I can help to treat excess yeast in the body by drinking apple cider vinegar and raw honey in warm water- which I already drink on a daily basis, so that’s good news! (We call it “Maurer Hot Toddy” and use it to treat colds, allergies or flu.)

When I did a google search for “yoni powder” I came across an apothecary that makes a yoni powder based on this exact recipe. 

What I have also recently found out is that healthy vaginal bacteria is influential in preventing premature labor and premature rupture of membranes (P.R.O.M.)  This makes this information all the more valuable for my doula clients and women who are pregnant or plan to be!

I’m thinking of adding a recipe to my Etsy shop as well.  

But if you’d like to make your own, here’s the recipe!

Whisk everything together and store in a jar.  Apply like baby powder to the yoni once or twice a day while infected.  Keep your Yoni happy!

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Here’s a great place to buy herbs:

Mountain Rose Herbs. A herbs, health and harmony c

Yoni Rituals

Have you seen the Yoni Bath on my Etsy shop and wondered “what the heck is a sitz bath”?  Don’t worry, it wasn’t so long ago that I had no idea what that was either.  Let me help you out, because us ladies can definitely benefit from baths of all kinds.  Baths to help with menstrual cramps, baths to slow braxton-hicks, baths to sooth transition contractions, and baths to soothe a postpartum perineum.  Let’s start here:  

This is one of my favorite resources for herbs and healing.  Among others:

How to take a sitz bath:
1. Get two buckets wide enough for you to sit in. Or maybe you happen to have a porcelain sitz bath in your house already like the one above. I’m sure you do.  But for the rest of us a bucket will suffice or you can buy one for around $10 on Amazon or a medical supply company like the one here.
2. Put them in the tub.
3. Fill one with water as hot as you can stand it and one with water as cold as you can stand it. 
4. Put your herbs or oils in the hot one. 
5. Get in the hot one first, stay for a few minutes (5 or so) then switch to the cold, and repeat!

Don’t be intimidated!
You can also just drain the water in the tub and only do it once or twice.  You’ll still get the good effects.  Just make sure the tub only comes up to about your hips. 

You can also do just a hot bath- it will still help and feel really nice. 

Sitz baths can be a wonderful way to heal the perineum after delivery.  In my homemade sitz baths I include several organic herbs to help aid this process:

St. John’s Wort

A cool, bitter herb, St. John’s wort is sedative, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and most famously as an anti-depressant.” Externally, St. John’s Wort can be made into an Ointment for bruises, wounds, burns, hemorrhoids, sunburn, herpes sores, varicose veins, sciatica, and nerve pain.  An Oil can be made to rub on areas affected by arthritis and rheumatism, and massaged around the spinal cord for back pain symptoms.


Calendula is not one of the major medicinal herbs, but it does have its place in the medicine cabinet.  The petals or leaves can be used in a Tea to induce sweating, promote menstruation, increase urination, relieve stomach cramps, indigestion and stomachaches, and for relief from flu and fevers.  Externally, Calendula flowers and leaves can be made into an Ointment or powder for a variety of common skin ailments, including cuts, scrapes, abrasions, scalds, blisters, acne, rashes (including diaper rash), chicken pox outbreaks, and athlete’s foot.   For bee stings, rub the fresh flowers directly on the sting to relieve the pain.  

Witch Hazel

Stopping minor bleeding. Applying witch hazel bark, leaf, or water to the skin seems to reduce minor bleeding.Hemorrhoids. Applying witch hazel water to the skin may help to temporarily relieve itching, discomfort, irritation, and burning due to hemorrhoids and other anal disorders.Reducing skin irritation. Applying witch hazel cream seems to relieve mild skin irritation, but not as well as hydrocortisone.


 Some sources say useful for balancing the female reproductive system.  Some report it’s usefulness in cessation of bleeding.  It’s also used aromatherapeutically (ok, I might have made that word up, but you know what I mean!) to inspire romance, and reduce anxiety. I find that it’s a positive association for women as a luxurious experience. 

What does it do?

  • Alternating Hot/Cold helps to increase circulation to your perineum and pelvic area- the more blood circulating the faster healing can happen. The cold makes the blood vessels constrict and the heat makes them dilate- flushing them with new and fresh oxygenated blood. 
  • It also feels really good. During my miscarriage several months ago I could not get out of the tub. 
  • The herbs help to aid the tissues in regenerating. 

Happy Bathing Ladies!!