Mama Wellness Wednesday – Pineal Gland and Cycles

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The pineal gland regulates bio-rhythms in the body (especially sleep and menstrual cycle).  A standing wide angle pose (prasarita padottanasana) stimulates the pineal gland to help you sleep better and have more regular cycles.

When doing this pose for fertility or during pregnancy I recommend that your head is supported by something.  So if it doesn’t reach the floor without straining, stack a block underneath your head, blankets or bolsters.  This will help you to release gripping in the vaginal walls, uterus and belly – key for making this a fertility-helping pose!

Holistic Postpartum Care – Mama Wellness Wednesday

holistic postpartum careDid you know your liver not only processes the physical things we ingest but also the emotional?
During pregnancy and postpartum your liver is working extra hard to process the additional estrogen and progesterone but also the extra emotions that are happening. This starts during conception as well if conception is an intentional journey for you.

Don’t forget to do an emotional house-cleaning when you cleanse this spring! Journal, practice slow moving yoga and notice your emotions, get rid of posessions you don’t need, set new boundaries in a relationship, make necessary changes to your schedule. Clean house emotionally mamas and be nice to your liver!

Mama Wellness Wednesday – Holistic Fertility Tips

holistic fertility tips

Did you know some studies have found a relationship between the type of dairy you eat and challenges with fertility?  There is a correlation between eating low fat dairy and and ovulation infertility. What’s most interesting is that high fat dairy seems to protect against ovulation infertility.

The process of removing fat from dairy also removes estrogen and progesterone (bound to the fat) which leaves high concentrations of androgens, insulin- like growth factor and male hormones causing an imbalance.

In addition choose the source of your milk carefully. There is a major difference between the gallon of milk from a factory farm where it could be from hundreds of cows, fed genetically modified feed (known to cause reproductive problems in humans) and fresh milk from a local, grass-fed cow.  Talk to your farmers and find out their practices!

Worried about getting fat?  We need to dismiss the idea of eating fat = being fat (a successful marketing strategy from the past few decades) and think less about being fat and more about being well.  My own life is proof that the happier I am the better choices I make for my body and my weight stays in a healthy place, and the better choices I make about food the happier I feel.  It’s a cycle not a linear path.

Consider two recent studies that conclude the consumption of whole-fat dairy is associated with reduced body fat. In a study published last year in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care, middle-aged men who consumed high-fat milk, butter, and cream were significantly less likely to become obese over a period of 12 years compared with men who never or rarely ate high-fat dairy.

The more whole food you eat, the less stress on your endocrine system and the better your chances of conceiving!

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3 Ways to Relieve Stress in Pregnancy (Without Going Broke)

Maybe you tried really hard to conceive, maybe you waited patiently.  Now that you are pregnant and experienced that immediate sense of relief “whew! we did it!” that stress has started to creep back in and you’re wondering how to handle it naturally as well as effectively.

Maybe you were surprised when you got that pink line on the stick and now you’re feeling stress you hadn’t planned on.  Sure you’re happy, but whoa so many things to work through and plan now!

Maybe you wanted this pregnancy but birth seems daunting even intimidating.  Your last birth was traumatic and you’re scared it will repeat or be as horrific as your friends have told you it will be.

Why does it matter?

relieve stress in pregnancyI probably don’t need to tell you the risks associated with stressed out mamas.  Too much stress in pregnancy can cause little disurpitons like headaches, insomnia, indigestion.  It can also cause much more serious complications like low birth weight, pre-term labor, long labors, increase in interventions during labor, difficult breastfeeding, or even Hypertension (preeclampsia).

Should you quit your job and crawl into bed for the next 9 months? No!  A certain level of stress is actually useful. Labor is actually quite stressful on baby but it serves the purpose of teaching their lungs to compress (as contractions squeeze and release), turns on oxytocin (to bond with mama) and norepinephrine (to be alert to meet mama).

A certain amount of stress for adults is useful too – it pushes us, causes us to motivate and take action.  So you don’t need to eliminate all stressors to decrease your chances of complications.

What to do?

How can you be a wise mama and find some joy, some stillness, some good old fashioned stress relief without getting a massage everyday or moving to an island?

1.  Use food.

relive stress in pregnancyWe tend to have a love/hate relationship with food as women. We use it as punishment or reward.  We count it.  We fear it.  We indulge in it. What if you decided for the season of pregnancy and postpartum you would enjoy it?  You would use it to build up yourself and baby and you would choose foods and ways of eating that you enjoy?

Walk away from the list of scary “no” foods in pregnancy and try this exercise:

  • What foods make me happy? (Not give me a brief sugar high but actually make me happy.) Something my mom used to make? My favorite spring dish?
  • What foods am I afraid of?  Why?  What would happen if I stopped labeling these foods as “good” and “bad”?
  • How do I usually eat? Alone? Quickly? With family? How does this likely affect my digestion and nutrient abosorption?

2. Practice yin enhancing poses.

relieve stress in pregnancyWe live in a culture of yang.  Masculine, heating, fast paced.  And while we of course need some yang energy in our lives (otherwise we’d all become lazy, loafing noodles) we need it to be constantly moving in balance with yang energy: feminine, slow, cooling.

Choose yoga poses that can be supported with blocks or bolsters, forward folds and seated poses and stay in them a bit longer than you usually do.  Make the challenge to see not how deep you can get into a pose physically, but how deep you can get into a pose by surrendering and staying put.

3. Stop googling stuff.

I mean it!  So many searches can turn into a rabbit hole on the internet.  You come up for hair 2 hours later more confused and stressed than when you began!  It’s true, we need info and support and most of our care providers aren’t equipped to give us holistic advice on nutrition, emotional well-being and “alternative” approaches.  But too long online and you will find information but not necessary the education or support that you’re really looking for.

Instead, choose a tribe or a single guide to take you through your personal needs as a mama-to-be.  Make that a private and sacred relationship and keep the googling to a minimum.

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Mama Wellness Wednesday – Get Body Labor Ready

get body labor ready

Freedom to move in labor has been shown to reduce:

  • Need for pain meds
  • Fetal heart abnormalities
  • Complications during and after birth.

Get ready for the rhythmic movement of labor by getting in touch with your body now. Especially practicing deep squats that open the hips, help you strengthen and connect to the pelvic floor and feel grounded.

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Mama Wellness Wednesday: Holistic Fertility Tips – Cleansing

It’s not recommended to intensely detoxify the body during conception, pregnancy or postpartum.

BUT it is awesome to have optimal liver function to process all your estrogen and progesterone!

Instead, to cleanse the liver and decrease ama (built up toxins and indigested food or thoughts) in a way that’s gentle enough for conception, pregnancy and new-mama-hood:

Sip hot water with fresh lemon juice throughout the day and especially first thing in the AM.

Frequency during the day is more important than quantity.

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