Pop The Pills For Post-Partum Depression

I know, I know, consuming your placenta seems incredibly hippie and way too crunchy for you.  I get it.  I do.  BUT take a moment and think about it. Though I will admit there is not much (if any) in the way of randomized placebo research on placenta encapsulation or placenta indigestion postpartum, here are the list of benefits I have accumulated from various sources (books, websites, and personal stories):

  • Fights off Postpartum Depression
  • Can stop hemorrhage postpartum.
  • May increase breast milk supply.
  • May increase energy and fight fatigue postpartum.
  • Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency.
  • Decrease likelihood of sleep disorders or insomnia.

Placenta Benefits: Placenta for Healing.

San Diego Birth Network- could placentas actually give you more breast milk?

Two Doulas on a Mission: Placenta Info and Benefits. 

InJoyable Birth: Battling fatigue with placenta.

Colorado Springs PBi news report: Dealing with Post Partum Depression with placenta.

The Nest Chicago: Accupuncture and Chinese Medicine for PPD.

Taking it home from the hospital may be tricky, but not impossible.  If you plan to take home your placenta for encapsulation or to bury it, make sure to discuss this with your care provider and assign this job to someone before labor so they are able to retrieve it for you.
And don’t forget to consider delaying cord clamping to allow all of that precious blood (about 1/3 of the newborn’s blood ) to be pumped out of the placenta and into your newborn, as well as allowing the baby to continue to receive oxygen while learning to use their lungs for the first time!
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