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Skipping the Milk for Calcium in Pregnancy

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that many people do just fine with a small portion of high quality dairy in their diet.  (Though many don’t process dairy very well at all).  However, there is a large difference between different types of dairy and how they not only affect nutrition content but can affect hormonal balance (and fertility).

Leafy greens are often something we generally don’t get enough of as a nation.  However, we’re taking tons of calcium supplements and constantly worried about calcium intake as women.  We’ve also been marketed to for a long time by a dairy industry trying to make sure we eat plenty of cheese and milk.

A much superior source for calcium would be leafy greens!  And there are many ways to include them in your diet without going nuts.  Here are a few:

  • Add them to a smoothie
  • Add some to a pot of fresh bone broth or vegetable based soup
  • Quickly sautee with some garlic as a fast side dish to whatever else you’re eating
  • Add them to a sandwich
  • Add them to an omelet or scrambled eggs

Your body will thank you for the extra calcium, but also the iron and protein! Enjoy!

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