You are excited.

You are a newly pregnant mama (or hope to be soon!) You are receiving the prenatal care you need, but you know there’s more to giving birth and motherhood than just your medical chart, a baby shower and a few belly photos!

You have read some birth books, but found most of them too negative, clinical, or radical for you; they just don’t give you all the tools you need.
You want to create the best possible environment for your little soul to flourish and you are hungry for all the inspiration and information you can get!
Your last birth experience didn’t go as well as you think it could have, maybe worse and you wonder if there was something you could have done differently. 
You want a ‘natural’ birth, but aren’t sure you can do it.
You love to talk with other women, but many of the women around you just don’t seem to get it.
You want to celebrate this pregnancy and birth, not just survive it, no matter what challenges arise.
You want to hear God’s heart for you in this journey.

You’ll find what you need here if…

  • You want to prepare: mind, body and spirit for pregnancy and birth.
  • You want to approach birth with strength and grace, feeling ready for any challenges instead of afraid of the unknown.
  • You want authentic information and support for birth that isn’t “one-size-fits-all”.
  • The idea of another woman, working side by side with you through each step of pregnancy and birth sounds like the gift you really wish you could put on your registry.
  • You want to experience pregnancy and birth as a time that builds your faith and your relationship with God.

Take a deep breathe, close your eyes…

…and envision a birth experience that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and heroism; a pregnancy that adds to your beauty, a joyful postpartum.

I just know we’ll be a great fit if you’re a woman who…

  • likes good wine, yoga classes and farmers markets.
  • is passionate, but a planner!
  • finds reasons to celebrate and appreciates the beauty in simple things like dinner, or breathing.
  • starts more books than she finishes!

How I got here….

My name is Sandra Maurer, mother, wife, doula, yogi, holistic pregnancy and birth coach.
I began WholeBeginnings in 2011 when I was a full time nanny and part-time yoga instructor.  I spent most of my time with little children and their mothers which means there was a lot of talking going on!  So many mothers shared their feelings of loss, confusion, frustration, or disappointment around their birth stories.  So many confided feelings of guilt, shame or fear about the events of birth, even a sense of embarrassment. Having struggled with my own self-esteem and body issues, it became very clear to me that many mamas-to-be really aren’t getting the genuine support they need for pregnancy and motherhood; their personal journeys aren’t being witnessed and honored in a way that provides them the platform they deserve to be amazing mothers!
I knew that as a doula, the birth experience plays an enormous role in how we think of motherhood, how we approach life.  But my experience in that first pregnancy, and also in this current one, has allowed me to understand on an even deeper level, that motherhood begins in pregnancy, and even before, and that the birth experience and the experience of early motherhood is really affected and shaped by the journey of pregnancy.  I combine my training as an art therapist, holistic health counselor, prenatal yoga instructor and doula to provide the comprehensive support mamas so deserve!


My passion is helping other women find their ‘Mama Spirit’, their sacred mission in motherhood, and feel nourished and nurtured throughout their entire motherhood journey from conception past postpartum

How I can Help you….

Get your mind, body and spirit in alignment so that you can become a birthing goddess and find your sacred motherhood mission!  Yes, we’ll cover the information you need to support the body nutritionally, but we’ll also unleash that creative spirit that is creating that person inside of you!  Birth art, herbs, prenatal yoga, meditations, one-on-one or group Holistic Pregnancy Coaching for authentic motherhood and child birth preparation that includes all of who you are!


Let me honor your motherhood journey.

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