You are excited.

You’re pregnant!  You’re receiving the prenatal care you need, but you know there’s more to giving birth and motherhood than just your medical chart, a baby shower and a few belly photos.

You’ve read some birth books, but found them too negative, clinical or radical for you; they just don’t give you all the tools you need. You want to create the best possible environment for your little soul to flourish in, and you are hungry for all the inspiration and information you can get.

You love talking with other women, but many of the women around you just don’t seem to get it right now: the desires of your beautiful mama heart.

You want to celebrate this pregnancy and birth, not just survive it, no matter what challenges arise. I understand.

I too searched for pregnancy wellness and birth wisdom as a woman (and a mother).  The resources that had helpful information about nutrition, birth and wellness, just didn’t include my relationship with God in a way I dreamed would be a part of my rite of passage into motherhood! And the resources about Christian mama-hood didn’t include information about pregnancy wellness and health that I needed.

Sandra’s Holistic Pregnancy coaching includes a unique blend of spirituality, herbal remedies , and nutritional support which sets it apart from traditional birth classes.This support has made me feel more confident about giving birth and has helped me to make positive lifestyle changes through out my pregnancy. I highly recommend working with Sandra if you are looking for something more than the cut and dry typical birth class. The information from this class can be applied beyond your birth experience and through out your life!” ~Rahma

You’ll find what you need here if…

You want to prepare for birth and motherhood in a faith-filled way, honoring motherhood as a sacred mission!

You want to experience pregnancy and birth as a time that builds your faith and your relationship with God (but doesn’t shame or guilt you!)

You want to approach birth with strength and grace, feeling ready for any challenges instead afraid of the unknown.

You want authentic information and support for birth that isn’t “one-size-fits-all”.

Doesn’t the idea of another woman, working side by side with you through each step of pregnancy and birth sound like the gift you really wish you could put on your registry?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes…and envision a birth experience that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment and heroism; a pregnancy that adds to your beauty, a joyful postpartum.

I just know we’ll be a great fit if you are a woman who:

  • likes good wine, yoga classes and farmers markets.
  • loves Jesus.
  • is passionate, but a planner.
  • finds reasons to celebrate and appreciates the beauty in simple things like dinner or breathing.

How I know what you’re searching for…

Hello! My name is Sandra Maurer.

I’ve been where you are.  I wanted the most support and the best health for me and my baby during pregnancy.  I was especially nervous about postpartum and what it could be like for me.  I longed for a community of women who loved Jesus and valued holistic health (and other “crunchy” mom things!)

I spent many years of my life in the quicksand feelings of shame and guilt about my body.  I wanted to be free of the negative relationship I had with food, to really have a revelation of how God loved me deeply just as I was, and to see the beauty I know he said he saw in me.  It was during my 20s, as I pursued my passion for wellness by earning my BA in Art Therapy, training in Holistic Health Coaching, certifying as a birth doula and Yoga instructor that God led me on an amazing journey of healing physically, spiritually and emotionally.

When I entered the birth world as a doula and met many Jesus-lovin’ mamas, I found that they were still struggling with some of the same fears and shame that I had struggled with as well, and these beliefs were affecting their pregnancies, their births and how they felt about themselves as mothers.  We all have wounds from care providers, from our culture of fear around birth that simultaneously glorifies and diminishes motherhood, from mothers, sisters, each other.

I longed to share with them the revelation that God has given me about his love for women, his design for birth, the beauty so central to the identity of each of his daughters.  I thrive in the center of a circle of women showing true grace and love for each other, in all of our flawed and less-than-pinterest-worthy lives. I began Whole Beginnings in 2011 when I was still a full-time nanny and part-time yoga instructor, hoping to serve women and inspire them towards even bigger lives, towards pursuing their dreams as mothers (even the ones we don’t admit we have).  Since then my work has evolved from attending births as a doula to coaching and hosting retreats and workshops to empower mamas on their journey to motherhood – this sacred mission we’ve been called to! I love to honor mamas with scripture-infused mother blessings, guide them to deeper body awareness and appreciation through yoga practice and offer them the tools for visualizing and affirming an empowered birth experience through art therapy.

I believe that the pregnancy and birth experience play an enormous role in how we think of motherhood and how we approach life.  I believe that honoring that rite of passage, honors the beauty and wonder that God has created in that individual mama.  God celebrates this season of your life, and he celebrates you.

 I recommend Sandra and all of her programs without hesitation. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and empathy to the table, and provides an open-minded and accepting place to share any questions or concerns, and to work through any issue that an expectant mother may be facing.”  ~Sylvia

How I know can help you…

Sign up for an Empowered Mama Breakthrough Session.  We will sit down together (virtually or in person) and discover what it is that your mothering spirit most needs.  Identify what you most need and take the next step towards honoring this sacred calling of motherhood, from conception through motherhood.


Let me honor your motherhood journey.

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