How do I make the best choices for me and

my baby when I’m so overwhelmed?


Have you been worrying about:

  • How to naturally prepare for pregnancy and enhance fertility?
  • How to handle the discomforts of pregnancy naturally?
  • How to avoid complications during birth, maybe even (gasp!) have a natural birth?
  • How to avoid postpartum depression?
  • How to reduce stress from fertility challenges?

What matters the most?

I know that the most important thing for you is to have a happy healthy baby (and feel happy and healthy yourself!)

pregnancy wellness and healthIf you’re like many of my clients, you’ve tried to gather all the information on your own.  Asking everyone from your midwife/doctor to facebook groups.

You should know that the overwhelm you’re feeling is for a good reason: it’s overwhelming!  The truth is, you can’t create the best big picture plan for you and baby (from conception through the first year postpartum) by reading some baby center articles or Facebook comments.

You want that amazing birth you see in photos, you want to avoid the horror stories you’re hearing from friends, you want to do motherhood in a way that feels awesome and also authentically you.

I’ve been there, and let me tell you a secret…

You CAN have the blissful pregnancy, birth and postpartum you and your little one deserve.

pregnancy wellnessMy name is Sandra Maurer, and I guide overwhelmed mamas-to-be towards becoming Blissful Mamas. I show you how to sift through the sea of information on pregnancy and birth as well as discover your own beliefs and needs as a mother so you feel totally empowered and ready to make all the best choices for you and your little one.

I’ve not only witnessed dozens of amazing births and transformations, I’ve experienced two myself! (One a set of twins!) I used my education in yoga, holistic health coaching, art therapy and doula work to let go of the shame, fear and doubt and not only conceive but have an awesome birth and really love and enjoy by body the whole time.

I have taken many mamas, just like you, from overwhelm to mama bliss.

  • Sylvia, a first time mama found her way from experiencing lots of discomfort during pregnancy and uncertainty to feeling energetic and inspired.  “The fear I had been experiencing for my first two trimesters has all but evaporated, leaving room for me to experience the joy pregnancy ought to bestow on expectant mothers.”
  • Sandi, had the amazing un-medicated birth she had been hoping for. “Sandra was awesome with knowing exactly what I needed and when, whether it was the drive to keep going or some type of relaxation technique. She reminded me of the strength that I had to deal with the pain – and that it was through breathing the pain would pass. (and she was right) She resembled my guardian angel watching out for me. I also remember her being my biggest fan.”
  • Amy was experiencing fears she couldn’t really identify. After our work together she was able to name them, release them and go on to have a wonderful birth. “Having Sandra as my coach was the best thing I did for myself during this pregnancy. I feel more prepared and confident about my birth and abilities as a woman and mother as a result!”
  • Rahma was able to make lifestyle changes that helped her to have a healthier lifestyle and feel her best during pregnancy but also postpartum. “The information from this class can be applied beyond your birth experience and through out your life!
  • Nichole, planning her third un-medicated birth, was experiencing unexpected anxiety and discontent.  Using art and meditation techniques she was able to see clearly what was holding her back and go on to have the wonderful birth and smooth postpartum she dreamed of.

holistic fertilityDon’t put off preparing for Mama-hood!

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