Hey crunchy mama, are you tired of googling your pregnancy and birth questions?


You are a mama-to-be.  And you are tired of scrolling through mommy blogs and clinical birth books. You want to feel ready.  Not just have all the baby gear ready, but really ready. You’ve wanted to scream in frustration  “Where is the pregnancy  stuff for mamas that want holistic care?”  “Where’s the book with the step-by-step guide that covers all of it: pregnancy birth and motherhood?”  You’re excited but feeling like you don’t know where to begin.

I can promise you are in the right place if you:

  • You want to feel informed and ready for motherhood and leave the fears and overwhelm behind.
  • You want to look back on becoming a mother as an amazing, faith-filled, shame-free experience.
  • You would love a sister and guide to take you from A to Z with pregnancy and postpartum (leaving nothing out, including your relationship with God.)


Who I am…hipster christian mom pregnancy coach

Hello!  My name is Sandra Maurer, founder of Whole Beginnings, creator of Blissful Mama programs. I started Whole Beginnings because I love using yoga, self-exploration, and food to create holistic wellness and I wanted to teach other crunchy Christian mamas how to incorporate these amazing tools into their lives. I believe that every mama has the ability to walk into motherhood feeling stronger in her relationship with God than ever before and feeling empowered and capable.

How I can help you:

  • Pregnancy wellness coaching
  • Detailed (trust me, the  most detailed you’ll find) Birth preparation
  • Planning for wellness in postpartum
  • Healing and moving froward from birth

I will be more than excited to be a part of your sacred motherhood journey if you:

  • Like good wine, yoga classes and farmers markets.
  • Start more books than you finish.
  • Think good friends are as essential as breathing.

Download my free gift to you  or schedule a session to find out about the Blissful Mama program.